The Rosewood House is a pioneer in custom Asian design furniture with a commitment to our customers: peerless authenticity, solid rosewood hand-craftsmanship, modern proportion, lifetime functionality, superior quality and style are foundational principles.

Since 1969, Rosewood House has established an impeccable record with thousands of special order custom furniture produced. Come home to Rosewood House for inspiring interior selections, home design services, and a complete line of furnishings, ready for immediate home delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Rosewood (Pterocarpus Macrocarpus) is a prized exotic hardwood, named for its rose hued timber, characterized by dark veining and a highly polished, lustrous wood surface. Strong and dense by reputation, rosewood is used to craft furniture with its stability and curability.

The art of wood joinery was mastered in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the climax of classical Chinese furniture. The enduring and resilient qualities of furniture from this time period are personified in the many surviving examples in both museum and personal collections. The use of rosewood and the methods of construction of this climactic period are employed by Rosewood House craftsmen today.

The construction method is via “tongue and groove” which joins furniture without external fasteners (screws, nails), working in harmony to prevent cracking or breaking. The self-securing, all-wood system, called “three-way mitered, double-locking mortised and tenon with floating panel,” results in exceptionally strong furniture of modernity; form and function is exemplified.

Because Rosewood House furniture is hand-polished and hand-finished with over ten coats of natural lacquer, routine care is simple. Dusting and cleaning can be accomplished with a wipe down using a water dampened cotton cloth. Occasionally, a non-wax furniture polish can be applied to renew the vibrant finish.


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