The Difference

The original founders continue the excellence of Rosewood House, designing and creating the finest handcrafted solid rosewood furniture. Since 1969, Rosewood House has established an impeccable record of customer service, inspiring selections and customized home design.

Rosewood House custom designs begin with the customer: a simple drawing and dimension specification begins the special order. Rosewood House is backed by a proven record, over three decades of experience and thousands of completed custom orders.

Buying trips to the Orient compliment an evolving inventory with antiques, fine art, porcelain, Buddha statuary and unique accessories to complete the home.

Rosewood House is for the connoisseur in all of us that appreciates sharpness, fluidity, originality and refinement – classic traits that Rosewood House instills in its collection of fine furnishings.

Visit Rosewood House stores for the most comprehensive collection and showroom inventory on the West Coast of America, available for immediate delivery.


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